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How Spending Less Can Actually Cost You More – A Cautionary Tale

One Client's Story...

Recently, a soon-to-be client came to us flustered. He already had a SystemX ceramic coating on his vehicle, but he wasn't happy with it. That took us by surprise, since that is the same brand of coating we use (and arguably the best brand you can buy).

But then we took a look at his vehicle, and we could see why he was upset. There were bumps and lumps everywhere. You could clearly see scratches and knicks underneath the coating. Not only that, the coating wasn't adhering in several places.

A good ceramic coating is nothing if not smooth. In fact, you really shouldn't even be able to tell it's there.

System X Ceramic Coating on Red Sports Car in Charleston, SC

So what was the problem?

As we talked more, our future client revealed that he had gone with a competitor for his ceramic coating because they offered the same product for a lower price.

That's when we knew.

We work hard to keep our prices low. So we know the only way to offer such a deep discount on ceramic coatings is to cut corners. In this case, we determined it was a lack of paint prep that led to the problematic appearance.

Paint protection starts with repair & conditioning.

Whether you've had your vehicle 2 hours or 2 years, your paint MUST be decontaminated and properly prepped before you install a ceramic coating. That's why we give every single vehicle a complete polish and conduct and necessary paint correction prior to coating.

What happens when you skip the prep?

To be honest, it's like putting lipstick on a pig. ;) Think of it this way: Before you paint your walls, you remove the nails, fill the holes, and clean the surface. While you can just paint over it as-is, the end result will be less than ideal.

The same thing applies to ceramic coatings. By removing any residue and fixing any problem areas before you apply the coating, you are ensuring the best-looking and best-performing result.

Just like your vehicle's original clear coat, every ceramic coating will wear away over the years. However, the overall longevity of your investment strongly depends on proper application and maintenance.

Charleston's Best Ceramic Coating Provider

Happily Ever After, if a Little Poorer

Fortunately, we were able to get his vehicle looking brand new.

Unfortunately, the only way to do that was to remove the original coating, prep the paint, and apply a new coating.

In the end, the "deal" he got at the other place cost him significantly more. So, yes. Spending less can actually end up costing you more.


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