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Frequently Asked Questions – Ceramic Coatings

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

System X Max Ceramic Coating on Green Jeep Badlands by Dynamic Car Care in Charleston, SC

What is a ceramic coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the surfaces of a vehicle. Coatings can be applied to paint, glass, wheels, and plastics. It chemically bonds with the vehicle’s surface, establishing a layer of protection and a hydrophobic surface.

Can a ceramic coating be applied to paint protection film?

Yes, a coating can be applied over the film and will provide an additional layer of protection. A coating will not impact performance or void your warranty.

Are these coatings really permanent?

Yes, System X® Ceramic Coatings should be thought of as adding another clear coat to the paint's surface. This new clear coat is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. System X® is a permanent coating in the same sense that the clear coat on your car is permanent. Eventually the clear coat will wear away over the years; its overall longevity depends on conditions, cleaning frequency, proper application, and maintenance.

What is the advantage of System X over polyurethane clear coats that already provide significant gloss and color retention?

System X® provides advanced gloss and protection over clear coats. The ceramic bonded coating helps contaminants slide off easily, which gives them less time to eat into the surface. An added plus is the ease of cleaning your vehicle. An easy way to think of it would be that System X® is the equivalent of another, harder, glossier, self-cleaning clear coat layer.

Do I need a special car wash/soap to wash the vehicle after application?

No special washing, soap, or shampoo is required. Using an automated car wash is fine as well - touch-less automated car washes are preferred as cloth car washes often have debris and stone chips left in the brushes/cloth from infrequent maintenance.

Can I wax or seal over System X?

Yes, if desired waxing and sealing over System X® coatings won’t damage it. Let System X® coatings cure for at least 4 days before applying another product. And make sure to use products that do not contain abrasives or solvents - like System X Renew™.

How quickly do I need to remove bird droppings?

Remove bird waste as soon as possible. Saturate the dropping with water then wipe off. Avoid scraping.


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