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These 5 Things are Ruining Your Car's Paint

Here's what you can do about it...

1. Spills

From drops of fuel at the pump to drips of coffee from your morning pick-me-up, spills are one of the most common culprits when it comes to ruining your car's paint.

Liquids like these cannot only stain your car's paint, the acidity, sugar, and oils can cause your vehicle's paint to corrode, chip, and peel.

To avoid long-term damage, you should wipe the spills off with a wet rag or auto-specific cleaner as quickly as possible.

System X Ceramic Coating on Red Sports Car in Charleston, SC

2. Bird Droppings & Bug Splatter

Bird droppings & bug splatter adhere to your vehicle's paint. This allows the sticky substances time to corrode your top coat and paint.

The key to minimizing damage is to remove these substances right away whenever possible. You should also wash your car regularly to remove anything you may have missed.

Avoid parking under trees whenever possible. If you are able, park your car under a structure such as a garage or carport.

3. Amateur Paint Repair

Touch-up paint pens sell like hotcakes. That's why car dealerships and auto stores offer them at every turn. But, more often than not, they leave blobs of paint, which make your vehicle look worse and are difficult to repair when the time comes.

Unfortunately, there is no good DIY solution when it comes to repairing chipped paint. It is much better to take your vehicle to a professional.

4. Dirt

This one might seem obvious, but plain old dirt is the paint foe people most commonly overlook. Dirt is gritty, which can cause scratches, especially if you rub up against it or – heaven forbid – write in it with your finger. (Think: "Wash me!") When it mixes with rain, dirt can create acid strong enough to weaken metal, let alone your paint.

Naturally, the best way to prevent paint damage from dirt is to wash your vehicle regularly, which leads us to our final paint foe...

5. Car Washes

Don't be fooled by the pretty colors and 8-step wash cycles. Automatic car washes are not good for your vehicle's paint. Abrasive brushes can scratch your paint and damage your top coat. Furthermore, the brushes themselves can also house dirt and other particles from previous vehicles that can damage yours. (This is also true for DIY car wash stalls.)

"Touchless" or "laser" car washes, on the other hand, use harsh chemicals to clean your vehicle. This can be harmful to your paint over time. Plus, these types of car washes rarely get your car clean.

A good hand wash (and dry) is your best bet. This includes microfiber cloths and a reputable vehicle soap. You should also use two buckets – one for clean water and one for dirty water – to ensure you aren't "washing" your vehicle with dirt.

Professional Paint Protection

We care about your paint, and we are here to help you protect it... even if you don't buy anything from us.

That said, Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings can go a long way to protecting your vehicle from these common mishaps – even if your paint is already less than perfect. With the right prep process, we can get most vehicles looking like new again.


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