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Should Ceramic Coatings be Installed Outdoors?

The short answer is, "Yes, but..."

It is possible to install ceramic coatings outside. However, the conditions must be ideal:

  • Very little wind

  • No rain

  • Full shade

  • Low humidity

  • Protection from dust and contaminents, like leaves, bugs, and bird droppings

If you know Charleston, SC weather, you know that ensuring these perfect conditions is quite a challenge. That's why we coat indoors at our location, instead of offering mobile or on-location services.

  • We control the temperature and humidity in our shop, which allows us to get a smooth, uniform result every time.

  • We happily house our customer's vehicles in our facility until it's safe to drive them home. While a ceramic coating typically cures in a few hours, it can be damaged if it's rained on too soon after installation. Why risk it?

  • Coating indoors keeps the surface clean and at the right temperature. Wind and sunlight can cause the coating to "flash," which makes uniform installation more difficult.

  • Because we keep your vehicle on location until it is fully-cured, we are able to do a full quality control check before you pick it up. We are proud of our work and want you to be proud of your vehicle.

Ready to get your free quote? Call or text Josh at (843) 896-6534!

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